Why We Need the Facebook “Dislike” Button

“You want me on that wall. You NEED me on that wall!”
Sometimes we just can’t help ourselves. That adorable kitten picture is just too tempting to not post to our company’s Facebook page. We’ll get a few “Likes” for sure with it!
Unfortunately in today’s social media landscape, there is not enough discipline and purpose for what content is posted. Memes and pictures of pets are far too common on corporate social media pages.
Your social media pages should include content that informs or entertains your audience.  
Social media is, in many ways, the face of your brand. Maybe more so than your website. Companies utilize social media in different ways, depending on their industry and customer base. For some companies, Facebook and Twitter are primarily customer service outlets. They are a way for their customers to report complaints and ask questions. While this may seem less than ideal, for many industries there is little you can do to combat that. So it is best to understand how to utilize it in the best way you can. 
Today’s announcement by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg made me think: what if there were a “dislike” button on every social media outlet? What if companies had to put more thought into the content they post on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and the like?
The obvious answer is that there would be a lot less posts out there!
If a business had to seriously weigh the possibility of negative ratings for their updates, they would think twice (and thrice) before recycling that meme about Hump Day.
While it seems like the rumored “Dislike” button coming soon to Facebook will be more like an empathy button, the lesson is still a good one for companies to take to heart: quality, not quantity. Facebook has already changed their algorithms to the point that your followers see almost none of your posts unless you pay for them to be sponsored content. And the less interaction your posts have, the less followers Facebook will show your future posts to. Many businesses don’t realize that. Whether there is a physical “Dislike” button there or not, every bad post that does not resonate is hurting them.
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