If Your Site Uses This Type of Pop-Up Ad, PLEASE STOP!

Imagine this scenario: I’m browsing the internet, and I happen to come across your website on Google. I read the meta description, and decide to click on your site to take a look and see if you have what I want.




The second I open up your website, I’m bombarded with a pop up window asking me to subscribe to your email newsletter. Really??? I don’t even know who you are or what you’re about, let alone if I want to hear from you on a weekly or monthly basis. This is a clear example of why pop-up ads have such a bad reputation. When they’re done right, pop-up ads are an invaluable tool that can dramatically increase conversion rates, newsletter sign-ups, etc. However, that little caveat “when done right” is the critical piece to the puzzle.


So, if you are guilty of annoying your visitors like this, what can you do to fix this?


First, lets review the different categories of pop-up ads, and when/how they appear:
• ENTRY POP-UP ADS – appear when you first land on a website or web page
• TIMED POP-UP ADS – appear if you’ve been on a page for a certain length of time
• CLICK POP-UP ADS – appear when you click on a specific button or section
• SCROLLING POP-UP ADS – appear when you scroll to a certain section on the web page
• EXIT POP-UP ADS – appear when you show ‘intent’ to leave the web page or website


Let’s stick with our specific scenario for this post: ill-timed entry pop-ups. Can they work? Like all pop-ups, yes they can. But this specific type of pop-up is so easy to get wrong. The timing of it places it at the epitome of an intrusive, unwanted disruption that will be ignored immediately.


So, what’s the solution?

How do you still increase sign-ups or conversions with the valuable pop-up tools in a way that doesn’t annoy them as much?




Instead of hitting them up when they first enter your site, wait until they have done everything they want to and use the EXIT POP-UP.


Exit Intent Pop-Up ads have spiked in popularity over the past few years. They use javascript logic to show you an ad when your mouse cursor leaves the browser window. Again, like anything pop-up, the key to success is “when done right”.


Here are a few standard best practices:
• Use compelling copy with a strong call-to-action.
• Keep it short and sweet.
• Offer a relevant piece of content or value.
• Avoid more than a few fields of information if you have gated content (Meaning, if you ask for their name and email in order to download something, that’s fine. But on this type of ad don’t ask for a ton of fields of information.)
• Make sure there is a very clear, obvious way for the user to close the ad.
• Remember not to go crazy with pop-up ads all over your website. Balance is critical.


Like everything digital, best practices are just that: industry averages. In order to discover what works best FOR YOU, make sure you are always conducting A/B testing.


Also, there are a number of ways to execute exit intent pop-up ads. However, if you’re new at it, it’s best to utilize an existing vendor such as www.hellobar.com (they have FREE options and it’s incredibly easy to set up).


When in doubt, put yourself in your web visitor’s shoes.


If you need help improving, or even setting up, pop-up ads on your site, give us a shout at info@protocolred.com for a free consultation.