FIVE for 5 Startup Interview | Miami Web Fest

FIVE For 5 Startup Interview | Miami Web Fest

Introducing the ‘FIVE for 5’ Startup Interviews

Starting your own business is one of the scariest things you can do in your professional life. Part of what makes it so scary is the feeling that you are on your own and venturing into uncharted waters. You’ve probably thought to yourself more than once (or twice, or fifty times): “I wish there was a way to definitively know if this is the right decision”.

Well, we can’t predict the future for you. But we can do the next best thing. That’s why Protocol Red has begun our new ‘FIVE for 5’ startup interview series. This brand new, on-going blog series will feature easy-to-digest interviews with entrepreneurs from all types of industries. The objective is to take small tidbits from them, learning what has worked well for them so you can digest and implement accordingly.
Five answers that you can read in under five minutes. As with everything we offer on our blog, we encourage you to comment and tell us how we can continually improve this on-going series.

Five for 5 Interview

Miami Web Fest – Bryan Thompson
Business Name: Miami Web Fest
Founded: 2014
Industry: Film


Miami Web Fest is the film festival for web series, offering digital filmmakers the chance to experience a traditional film festival with theater screenings, an elaborate awards show, and exclusive parties. Because this is a new concept for digital filmmakers and a new way to celebrate and expose their work, Miami Web Fest is “New Media in a New Way!”


1. Tell us about your startup and what makes it special.
The Miami Web Fest is the first “Web Fest” in the state of Florida. It’s also the first web festival of any kind to offer a Spanish-language component (the Miami LAT Fest) and the first to offer a Veterans component (the Miami VET Fest).


2. What inspired you to start this business?
I met so many talented filmmakers who were turning to online exposure for promoting their work. I decided to offer them an opportunity to showcase it to live audiences as well.


3. What is the biggest marketing challenge your startup has faced?
Miami has a lot of film festivals, so it can be a challenge to gain brand awareness and media exposure.


4. What advertising/marketing tactics have you found to be successful for your startup?
Social media and video content have performed very well for us.


5. Why will your startup succeed?
The military veterans component of the festival is bringing a new level of attention and support in ways that no other “webfest” can. I am the only “webfest” founder who is also a military veteran. My recent accolades and news coverage resulting from my feature film release “El Sueño” have given the festival a higher level of credibility, which will ultimately lead to even greater success.


The Miami Web Fest will take place starting September 29th. To learn more about the Miami Web Fest, the Miami Vet Fest, or the Miami LAT Fest, please visit or follow them @miamiwebfest today.


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