FIVE for 5 Startup Interview | Millennimedia

FIVE For 5 Startup Interview | Millennimedia


Millennimedia – Lila Everett
Business Name: Millennimedia
Founded: 2015
Industry: Media


Millennimedia is a strategic and creative marketing agency specializing in media and entertainment brands domestically and internationally. Through the creation of innovative multi-platform marketing and video campaigns, Millennimedia develops branding and launch campaigns for new companies, builds new audiences for legacy brands, and drives traffic across all media platforms.


1. Tell us about your startup and what makes it special.
Focused on helping newcomers navigate the ever expanding landscape of entertainment and the technology that delivers it.


2. What inspired you to start this business?
30+ years of experience, learning and loving a career in media, technology and communications – how could I not ?!


3. What is the biggest marketing challenge your startup has faced?
Digitally based entertainment services often believe they can reach critical scale by way of social media marketing exclusively.


4. What advertising/marketing tactics have you found to be successful for your startup?
Let’s just say get very clear on who is the target, what revenue they represent and when they are most open to hearing the message, and how to communicate in ways they will respond to. Visually exciting tactics are especially important.


5. Why will your startup succeed?
Dedication, knowledge, passion, patience and a deep satisfaction in playing a role in helping young companies succeed.


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